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Aside from our data lists we offer telephone survey lead generation. The difference with this is that our partner centres are speaking actively with the consumers and asking the questions you want asking, all of these leads will be exclusive to you for six months. We will not ask that question to the same person in that period. This is something we introduced to give our customers the best chance of success with the data they receive. The leads you receive are fresh and ready to talk to you about your products or services. We will work with you on the question wording to ensure you get maximum results for the leads provided. 

There are multiple profiling options available to ensure your question is asked only to those who fit your criteria

  • Residential Status
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Employment Status
  • Location
  • Contact channel preference
  • Your bespoke question set

The criteria you set is applied to your campaign on our bespoke platform to ensure anything out of criteria is rejected before it reaches you. Along with this if you have a suppression file of consumers you have received already or have on your own internal DNC file we can apply that to your campaign to ensure you do not recieve duplicates. If you are a customer who has taken some of our data list in the past we can exclude anything you have had as our platform is all linked together to give this ability.

The output format of this data can be configured to your needs. We understand all our clients operate differently. Some dial manually, some have diallers, some need the leads posting through a platform, we can cater for those needs to make your life as easy as possible. 

All of our call centre partners have undergone thorough due diligence checks to ensure every aspect of their operation is compliant. We are in regular contact to discuss campaigns and performance to ensure we deliver the results you need.

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