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Interrog8 is a data mining application which has been developed to fulfil the needs of businesses within the direct marketing sector. With an easy to use interface, quick results, scalable architecture and a core of compliance features we have solved many of the problems facing companies in our industry. 

So why is it so good?

Speed – In a fast-moving market place, being able to fulfil your client’s requirements in a time frame which satisfies is difficult. With Interrog8, the system can easily turnaround count to order within 30 minutes (dependant on complexity), and in most cases even quicker.

Compliance – Every record element within the database has a data owner, survey time and source URL where applicable. This ensures that you always know the source of your data at every stage. Should you import more data and overwrite existing information, any record information already sent is contained within our archive and will always remain to ensure at any time you can go back at any point and understand who the data owner was. This is particularly helpful for companies who take in data pools or are data aggregators.

Number searching to deal with opt in requests. Simply present the telephone, mobile and order number to bring back the correct source for the record.

Cost Saving – This system is user friendly, and because of this anyone with the relevant training can operate the system, without the need for any data mining experience.

Security – The database itself runs on SQL 2016, and utilises the Always Encrypted Database Engine giving you piece of mind that the data contained is secure. Our site itself is secure and has been heavily tested to ensure we are not susceptible to SQL Injection. Within the application, you can grant or deny permissions on both group and individual user level enable you to control what your users can or cannot do.

Royalty Reporting – If you have multiple providers for which you need to pay a royalty, Interrog8 has a reporting suite as standard. The reports are easy to understand and give you the key information you require. Each report is live and can pull back any date range selected.

Call Centre Management – A part of most direct marketing businesses utilise telephone survey and we have solution for this too. All campaigns are individually treated with independent suppression and import checks. The running of these campaigns is automated just leaving the user to deliver the file. We can allow your suppliers to submit the campaign files directly in the system whilst giving them visibility of their accepted figures, rejections and revenue for any given period.

Output Format – We have a fully configurable output format for your files. We all know every client is different and as such may need their data in a specific way.

Business Process – We have created an authorisation process flow that has touch points at all relevant business areas. These are status driven, again configurable, to ensure that nothing leaves the system unless it is meant to.

Client Management – Maintain your client list within the system which retains previous orders, suppressions and the ability to create end clients on a company should you deal with agencies. This means that your order history and suppressions would be end client specific.

Integration – Interrog8 can integrate with CRM systems, via API. We do this to push any new contacts, companies, and order information into the CRM using two-way binding, to ensure any updates are captured both sides. If you have system that allows third party integration, we can offer a similar solution.

More granular breakdown of features


Super-fast and super easy. The count is a step by step process that anyone can pick up and use. The system has been designed to enable staff of any level to be more self-sufficient and service their customers in a quick and effective way. With our interactive breakdown, filtering those results is a breeze.


Once your count is complete the data is ready to export. Simply export everything or choose a particular volume. All orders are tracked for royalty and compliance and will remain there forever. This enables you to refer back at any point in time to ascertain where the data came from and where it went.

All orders are inserted into your order history, meaning you won’t get the same record again. Suppressions at many levels such as Number, Email, Postcode, Surname and address, to name a few. These are also stored for future use.

Third Party

Sometimes we need to purchase data in as we may not have what our client requires. The great thing about our system is that you can import the data so you can track the data for future reference. This gives you a full compliance history of where and to whom the data went. This works much like the call centre piece albeit a light version. The numbers will be inserted into the client history so that you won’t send them duplicates from your own data going forward. This data is not inserted into the database for selection but is held for compliance purposes.

Call Centre

We have a Call Centre suite that enables call centres to upload the leads directly into a campaign that you set up. The system automatically allocates, rejects and archives the leads on a campaign by campaign basis, ensuring you only get leads within criteria. With our rejection report, you can see the reasons why the lead failed to import. If there is more than one reason, all will be presented in an easy-to-view format. The system calculates monies owed to the call centre based on the unit price to customer and centre. Rejections are automatically removed from this calculation, meaning you only pay for valid leads.

These leads are held but not imported into the database for resale, making sure that your leads are allocated exclusively to your customer whilst giving you insight as to the source for compliance purposes.

Suppressions are automatically created at answer level ensuring your client will not receive the same person within a 6-month period. This time frame is configurable via our admin panel. The suppressions are available to download at campaign level along with a campaign template that contains dummy data to ensure your suppliers are aware of the format required.

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