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Transparent – Efficient – Compliant

Interrog8 was formed by colleagues who have worked together for over 10 years at various companies. After learning the good and bad points during our years of service we decided to go it alone. 

So Interrog8 was born. 

Given our long history within the direct marketing industry we have many contacts and data sources we know are trustworthy and work well. This enabled us to hit the ground running and service our clients quickly and efficiently.

At Interrog8 we believe that a lead generation agency should be made at the meeting point between the use of intelligent data, meaningful insights, innovation and creative solutions. 

We provide high performance lead generation services based on data and consumer analytics to attract and retain the right customers for our clients. 

Our Promises

We place our values at the very centre of every campaign.

We believe that transparency and honesty is imperative to create a long-term relationship with our clients.

Speedy Turnaround Time
We promise to turnaround your data requests in record time.

Expert Advisors
Our expert advisors are approachable and always on hand to help.

We are ethical, compliant and follow all data regulations.

Our Values

  • We make your marketing budget relevant.
  • All our processes are tried, tested and constantly improved.

  • We add value to our clients by understanding their challenges and business goals.
  • Our services are agile, flexible and highly suited to businesses with big visions.


Clean and compliant data is at the very core of our business and it should be at yours too. 

We have many years of expertise in following the strictest data rules and regulations in the marketing industry. 

We are driven to ensure that your company’s data is just as compliant as ours through teaching, consulting and advising your team. 

You can be assured that we work to data compliance processes in line with current ICO, PECR, MOJ, ISO, DMA and GDPR standards.

Our expertise in the marketing data arena makes us are very well equipped to advise you and ensure you don’t fall on the wrong side of the current data usage legislation.


Data Lists 

We have a comprehensive database consisting of 44 Million UK residents with a various lifestyle and demographic information to find your perfect target audience. Whether that be Postal, Landline, Mobile or Email.

Data Buying

With our vast network of suppliers, we can certainly help you achieve the results you desire. Understanding your wants and needs is our first port of call before doing some source testing to see what performs. Finding the right supplier is a minefield. Let us remove the headache for you

Data Management 

Survey Management – Data Management – Subject Access Requests – Royalty Reporting – Counts

Direct Mail

Direct Mail has an incredible response rate. Its tangibility Increases consumer trust and drives up ROI. Let us help you with Data, Print and Post.

Telephone Survey

Our bespoke telephone survey helps you get leads through that are targeted to your requirements giving you a fantastic ROI

About Us & Our Team

At Interrog8 we believe that a lead generation agency should be made at the meeting point between the use of intelligent data, meaningful insights, innovation and creative solutions.

About us and our team

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