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Interrog8’s lead generation services will help you win more customers and communicate more effectively with them.

Our team of experts understands your challenges and business goals, and work with you to find the best marketing solutions to boost your sales.

Let’s be honest first of all. As lead generators we all pretty much do the same thing, deal with the same data and make the same promises. What sets companies apart is the service surrounding the product offering. There are many different methods of data collection, validation and distribution. All with positives and negatives.
So, let’s talk about why we are different.
We are honest We only provide you with what you asked for and don’t fill the gaps with out of criteria information. If we only have x amount, then that’s all we can provide. Sure, we might lose out in this instance, but we aren’t in the business of making a quick buck as this has longer term negative effects. We want to forge a long-term relationship.
We are experienced We have a collective 30 years of understanding and expertise within the direct marketing world. Which has enabled us to learn the good and bad in terms of the most effective way to market your product, suppliers, systems and a whole host of other learning experiences along the way.
Our Tech We do not use readily available software within the market place. This isn’t that they aren’t good. They just don’t give us to what we need to operate end to end. This meant we created our own solution.

Suppression What a boring thing why even go into detail about this? Well this is something that does set us apart from the rest. So, as you are aware the go to suppression type is a list of numbers. This may be landlines, Mobiles or both. They get used to check the numbers you select are not within that list. Happy Days. Well not so much. The issue with numbers is they do not identify a person as such. So, because you’ve not provided Jo Bloggs Landline as that appeared on the suppression there is nothing stopping the Mobile being supplied. But it’s the same person. Due to the fact we hold pretty the whole of the UK within our database we match the numbers to people. Therefore, you will not get an alternate contact for the same person. When it comes to receiving data, for example from call centres, the record gets matched to our database to keep our URN’s consistent and avoid duplications. What this enables us to do is match incoming data with a contact channel we didn’t have to our existing data and see if the channel we do hold on the suppression matches that individual. Therefore, resulting in a rejection at consumer level.
Exclusivity By default, all the survey leads we deliver will not be resold for the same purpose for 6 months. This is managed by tracking URN and Answers received. If we get the same person with the same answer in the 6-month period, we will not accept and in turn you as the customer will not receive it. 
Account Management. At interrog8 we will ensure we work with you to understand your needs and goals. It’s in our interest that campaigns work for you to continue our business relationship. We will do everything in our power to make sure what we do is a success
Data Purchasing Having been around the industry a long time we are well equipped to source data for you that we may not hold in house. Our extensive network reaches far and wide and we are sure we can find what you require.
Data Lists

Data Lists

An extensive database made for marketers by marketers. Our data lists are clean, compliant and up-to-date.

Data Management

Data Management

Our all in one data management solution tracking every element of the consumer journey.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct Mail has an incredible response rate. Its tangibility Increases consumer trust and drives up ROI. Let us help you with Data, Print and Post.

Telephone Survey

Telephone Survey

Our bespoke telephone survey helps you get leads through that are targeted to your requirements giving you a fantastic ROI.

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At Interrog8 we believe that a lead generation agency should be made at the meeting point between the use of intelligent data, meaningful insights, innovation and creative solutions.

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